​​​​Passion By Design Overview

Passion by Designowned by Bob and Daisy Vest in Tulsa, OK began as a Hair Salon Business over 14 years ago. In 2010 it was moved to the Fontana Shopping Center at 51st and Memorial. The extra space quickly became known as simply "The Gallery". There you are introduced to many artists and creators from around the Tulsa Area. You can purchase unique gifts, original art, home decor, jewelry, photography, books by local authors and so much more that has all been designed by carefully selected individuals who fit the criteria of what PBD is all about: "PASSION"!  In November of 2014 Bob added another new and exciting addition, his very own photography studio:1 Shot Studio! Also new in 2014 is our Passion By Design Auctions! Click hereto get in on the action!

If you enjoy reading here is more about Passion By Design:


Passion By Design'sunique Gallery was built brand new in August of 2010. The Gallery and Gift Shop has been designed to bring visibility and support to individuals who are passionate about what they create and desire a path to begin or continue on. We call this "A Path for Your Passion"


We offer several classes including digital photography, acrylic and watercolor painting for adults or children, paper quilling,  Shadowbox Keepsakes, creative writing and more! We are always offering new and exciting classes! 

Come See Us!

Everything has a story at Passion By Design. If you really want to be inspired just come on by during regular business hours or contact Candi to book a FREE private viewing and/or shopping experience! We accept all major credit cards and now offer layaway with 20% down and 60 days to pay!

1 Shot Studio

In November 2014 Bob Vest was able to make one of his passions come to life when he opened1 Shot Studio next door and attached to Passion By Design. Bob first developed an interest in photography in 1976 while using a medium format Mamiya film camera developing in his very own dark room at home. In 1985 his focus shifted into the television industry but never leaving his love for photography behind. Currently, he is working as a freelancer for many of the major networks and several of the smaller ones.

Bob also teaches Digital Photography for beginners and advanced photographers at 1 Shot Studio and video editing at the Metro TCC Campus.     

Bob’s passion is not just photography, but an OUT OF THE BOX experience based on each individual’s needs. He has quickly become known for getting that perfect masterpiece shot that just screams to be displayed as artwork on a beautiful large canvas. 

To schedule a photo session consultation with 1 Shot Studio please contact Candi at (918)261.0448 or candi@1shotprod.com.

Write to Breathe /Spotlight Open Mic
We also host a Writing Group and Open Mic Night on the last Wednesday of every month. The evening begins at 7pm with our writing class: Write To Breathe which is hosted by Daisy. Then we end the night with our Spotlight Open Mic which is known for having live original poetry, shorts, acoustic music, stand up, original songs and readings. This is open to the public ages 13 and up.

There's great potential for much more for us and for you as we will be evolving further into several facets of art and entertainment as we continue on this creative journey.

We can't wait to meet you! 

-Candi Mc

(Public Relations)